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The Precious Motorola v3x

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It was recommended by one of my friends when I was looking for a great but affordable handset a year ago and I made it mine with only RM 400( Malaysian currency- approximately USD 93) . Today, for the adequate amount of usage time to be judge of the product, I strongly recommended it to be experienced by you yourselves. My opinion? It is the great product with the great price. No doubt for it.

Motorola v3x, nice name, nice figure, nice appearance, nice price, nice features, with prodigious and surprising capabilities! It is an astonishing stylishly design, with a modern 3G technology associated phone. Not to be neglected, it also equipped with a great media player, you can simply catch your favorite songs with it and feel the real concert sound! To my surprise, it is amazing as it is actually a nice picture-capturing capability phone (even though only 2.0 megapixel), as I do not have any difficulties in taking wonderful memorable pictures in all of the occasion that I attend, since I was neither a DSLR user, nor even a common cameras. Moreover, after all the way I used it, with uncountable times the handset slip off from my hand or pocket ( since used to be a construction labor) , it was an extraordinarily amazing as it remain doing its job as my great handset like nothing has happen at all.