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Nokia N71

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When I first saw this phone I thought that it was not really the type of cellular phone that I would like to use. I used to have an N70 but sold it because I bought another phone that I like better. After a while, someone offered me an N71. She was selling the phone because she got one before her birthday and was given another as a gift (the one she was offering to me) for her birthday.
Anyway, to cut the long story short, I bought the cellular phone and was very happy that I did. I was supposed to give it to my sister but ended up using it myself.
What I really appreciate about the phone is its sleek fold design that holds an integrated music and video player, a 2 megapixel camera, an improved Internet browser, a large 2.4″ color display, 3G connection speeds and loads of other features! One issue I have with this phone is that the keys may actually cause scratches on the screen. However, I got that sorted out by putting a screen protector. For now, I am enjoying the use of the phone.

Nokia N80

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i have used it since last year, my dad gave it to me last year as his birthday present since it was my debut. its large memory provides user room for storage of lots of pictures, videos, music, themes, etc. with WiFi and a 3 megapixel camera. Using WiFi, i keep hooked onto net from anywhere in the house. For the ones who like the voice dial in Nokia... good news is that, N80 adds... voice tags automically for every program and for every contact by the program name or contact full name. .However, i have difficulties with the joy stick since mine is silver. it easily get stained. Only the battery seemed a bit odd. I need to recharge the cell daily... and at times twice a day if i over use it and the flex. i need to maintain and check my flex once in a while and it's really expensive...

Nokia N92

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Nokia Nseries this one has actually been quite a long time introduced to the public. Several Internet sites have been released beridentitas N92 mobile phone with various excellence. Also in the country, almost all the media both print and electronic scramble to review and merelease to the public. Even until mid-September and the Nokia N92 is not when there is clarity will be launched, because the readiness of its software to operate in Indonesia are still adjusted.
Lucky Cell phones do this test after all softwarenya complete and feasible test. The test conducted at least have 100 percent ready to release a mobile phone. According to the plan of the Nokia N92 will be marketed at the end of this month. Leading this series is located on the ability presenting a live TV broadcast and also features music player.
With these types of Lithium Polymer battery with a capacity of 1,500 mAh, N92 is able to be used continuously for 4 hours. Meanwhile, time siaganya can reach 7 days. However this still depends on the board decrease network operators to use. The rise or decrease network also developed a battery that is not small.When used to receive calls and make calls, voice, which sounded very clear. Similarly, the recipient was there, the voice also accepted without any clear sound foreign disrupt. I now receive incoming calls, you must first open the phone fold. There is no shortcut to accept except the phone using the handsfree.
The ability to surf the phone to the virtual world proved reliable. Using GPRS or via Wi Fi connection is fast. Download several files either in the form of images, to have a certain size MP3 music quickly. Almost no problems, which means that when the surf to the virtual world.

Nokia 9300i

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this is a business phone!so a business user doesnt need a camera!dont post any messages that say that this is a really bad phone,cuz it has no camera.its a business phone,a really good phone.if you want a camera,then buy yourself a digital camera,cuz all phone cameras are really bad.there is no phone yet to have a cmos or ccd sensor,so the pictures they take are crappy.no optical zoom,no sensor,no good lens,no nothing.the only good phone is the n90 like phone,i dont know how its called.the one with 3 mp,autofocus and 3x optical zoom.but even this amaizing camera phone doesnt have a good imaging processor.so,dont judge a phone by its camera,especially if its a business phone.

Nokia 6282

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The 6282 has a solid feature set, including a QVGA display, Bluetooth, a miniSD memory card slot, and EDGE data for areas where WCDMA coverage is not yet available.
The 6282 is based closely on the previously-announced 6280. But while the 6280 supports WCDMA (UMTS) 2100 and GSM 900/1800/1900 for European and Asian networks, the 6282 supports WCDMA 1900 and GSM 850/1800/1900, for networks such as Cingular's.
There are a couple of other differences compared to the 6280, both of which are consistent with with Cingular's rumored 3G launch plans. First, the 6282 lacks a secondary, front-facing camera for 2-way video calling. That's fine, since Cingular's 3G network is not expected to support 2-way video calling, at least initially. While 2-way video calling is certainly a nifty feature, it hasn't been exceptionally popular on most 3G networks that have launched it elsewhere; it's just not very useful compared to other 3G services.

The 6282 also has a 1 megapixel camera, which is a slight step down compared to the 6280's 2 megapixel unit. That makes some sense when you consider that Cingular is also expected to launch the N80 around the same time as the 6282. The N80 and 6282 are both relatively high-end 3G slider phones, so having a 1 megapixel camera on the 6282 helps lower cost and further differentiate it from the N80. Shutterbugs will probably want the N80 anyway, which is expected to have one of the first 3 megapixel cameras on a U.S. phone.

The 6282 also sports some slightly different styling compared to the 6280. Specifically, the keys have a smoother, more rounded look. The 4-way direction pad looks flush with the rest of the keys, like it might be hard to feel by touch alone. But when I tried it, I had no problems with it. The main keys on the front are all more than large enough to avoid any risk of pressing the wrong one, and the outer edge of the direction pad is raised just enough that you can feel it with your finger. Those with very large fingers might find the center select key and the number keys a bit small, but they should be perfect for those with average hands.

The phone has a good slide mechanism with a spring assist so it "snaps" open and closed. It's not quite as solid-feeling or powerful as the one on the 8801, but it the quality seems fine.

The 6282 is quite lightweight for a 3G phone with the features it has. Unfortunately, that gives it a size-to-weight ratio that might make it feel "cheap" to some people. It's just a mental thing, though; all parts of the 6282 in fact feel quite high-quality.

One very impressive feature of the 6282 is the ability to capture VGA-resolution video. VGA is 640 x 480 pixels, which is as good or better than standard-definition television. Most camera phones can only record at QCIF resolution (176 x 144), and ones that can record at QVGA (320 x 240) or CIF (352 x 288) are considered good.

Nokia 6234

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Nokia 6234 in the form of design, the 6234's personality is clear that there's more clearly, is first on an impressive model. In order to meet its high-end mobile phone business location, selected materials in a large area of the use of stainless steel materials, and on the back of the camera module is designed to highlight one of the.
The Nokia 6234 is used in traditional design straight in the face of business needs of the market on the whole, to the steady-oriented style, not too radical. The main features of the region are quite clear, using the three-stage design, you can clearly see the phone's number keys, function keys and one of the screen have enough of their position. To reduce the people's business model plane square concept, the 6234 frame of the screen that they paid to effectively carry out the top of the extension, when you observe a positive model of the phone, so the design could break the visual limitations, giving more width Feeling.

Body shape fashion: in the grasp of the size of the fuselage, Nokia has its own unique view. 6234 volume of the body are 108 × 46 × 18mm, the length of the side feels a little long. In the volume of the fuselage, 6234, about 110 grams of weight for the metal fuselage, is not too heavy. Body material to be used as a positive use of large areas of brushed stainless steel design, function keys through the screen frame and the location of polished metal as embellishment, in 6234 the use of calm in the body and not showing a grid area of temperament. 6234 Although the use of the technology and brushed, but the fuselage will be very easy to leave fingerprints, but fortunately because of the fuselage and color contrast is not. In the body with color, simple to use positive body and the back of the silver among the black tie, which create a strong business flavor. 6234 a good design on the back of continued positive fuselage design, the use of the still large areas of brushed design, so that the whole style of the machine appears to be mature and prudent. The difference is that the color of choice, the choice is the back of the dark, and through the formation of large silver positive contrast to reduce people's sense of monotony, which is Nokia's business compared with the traditional design style. It is worth mentioning that 6234 pairs of camera modules for the treatment of exaggeration, not simply its modules will be placed into the back of the phone and leave it at that, but through a large area of brushed metal to get his camera.

Keyboard Design: 6234's keyboard design is relatively traditional, not too many special places, and is based on practical starting point for the largest. In the modeling we can be divided into two keyboard to, the keyboard function keys to the design of the main granular material, slightly prominent in the fuselage, and the key position of the area will not be great. The model number is just the design and function keys on the contrary, through the fuselage of about one-third of the area, each of the key figures of the key area of the very large, very neatly arranged location. Overall, the keyboard-key is relatively short-types, and the force feedback intensity is quite agile. The number keys feel comfortable. In the light of the keyboard to choose the top, using the Nokia 6234 compared with the traditional dark blue light. But the details of the deal on the 6234 is not immutable, in the light intensity than in 6234, many of the older generation to the more gentle, even at night time use will not let users do not have the glare. And lighting design is quite uniform, each of the keys have adequate lighting.
6234 screen excellent results: Nokia's system design is the most important features of openness, 6234 with the same back with sufficient resources can be found on the Internet for their beautiful wallpaper and theme file, so that their own personality adequate 6234. In default, the 6234 uses the theme of VODAFONE, in the design icon in the main is clear and simple style-oriented, but also a little lively. The theme of the main colors used, the system chosen VODAFON itself in the image of the distinctive red, feeling quite the eye-catching. System fonts on the show, feeling very comfortable, beautiful. However, some small fonts, and the system does not provide the conditioning settings, like the use of large fonts may be displayed on the user a certain degree of inconvenience.

Nokia 6233

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Nokia 6233 another brilliant cell phone by Nokia for consumes. nokia 6233 has many features like loud speakers, 2 mega pixel camera etc. which now days every cell phone lover wants.The voice quality and the screen resolution is good.So below is the specification of Nokia 6233:
2 Megapixel Camera:
Nokia 6233 includes 2 mega pixel camera which is very good at both day and night mode and you can capture video's at any where and any time.
Color screen QVGA - 320 X 240:
Nokia 6233 comes with a comparatively large screen screen. The color screen is QVGA-320*240. The display of the phone is very beautiful.Multimedia:
Nokia 6233 supports mostly all formats like MP3, Wave, WMA, Midi, AAC etc. mean to say you can listen any type of song which is any type of format. You can also set ringtones of these supporting formats. The phone has a very good video player which supports 3GP video's.
Nokia 6233 has limited or small internal memory. The memory of the cell is expandable up to 2GB. Nokia 6233 supports Micro SD cards. Now you can expand your memory and store large amount of information there. Very loudspeakers:
The volume of the phone is very high. it has very loud speakers. Nokia 6233 sound is much louder than Nokia 6300.

The main source of connectivity in Nokia 6233 is blue tooth and it supports data cable. you can connect your phone through data cable. PC suit is a software with the help of which you can synchronize and transfer music from your PC.
Other Features
Some standard features included like Calculator, Stop watch, Reminder, Alarm etc are there for users.
My opinion.....:
So in my opinion Nokia 6233 and Nokia 6300 are similar cell phones the little difference is Nokia 6300,s display and look on the other hand Nokia 6233's sound is much louder then Nokia 6300 and its much solid to. I love both of these cell phones. Nokia 6233 is good choice if you wanna purchase a cell phone. Its price is reasonable compare to its features. So to me Nokia 6233 is good choice to purchase.

Nokia 6103

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Based on the popularity of the Nokia 6101, the Nokia 6103 add the convenience of Bluetooth technology. In addition, the 6103 one of the most important properties in September, including a VGA camera with a special camera button, e-mail Nokia Xpress audio for sending audio clips directly with the button a little buttons and two color screens, with the support the animated wallpapers and screensavers. Synchronizing contacts and calendar information, voice dialing and registration and a handsfree speaker in 6103 for the perfect companion for productivity, while an integrated FM radio and content of support including MIDI and MP3 ringtones, themes and games to fulfill that the pleasure.Features of the Nokia 6103

Nokia 6125


One of the sick phones i ever purchased and repent doing so. I purchased for it's looks but lol that's what let me down few months after. The phones is easy to use and has good features too but being a folder phone within a few month of purchase I had to replace the lcd because the stripe got damaged. It cost me a fortune to buy this phone and anther to replace the lcd. Thee cabinets are hard to find and if found too are pretty expensive as compared to other phones. the picuture quality too isn't good for a 1.3 mega pixel camera. IN all would ask users to stay awy from this phone, did not have a good experience with this phone and if you value your money please stay away from it

Nokia 6070


The Nokia 6070 is a camera phone. 6070 The design is simple, with a good keyboard and square not too bad. Looks like a brick, but a very small and light brick!Long-wise, the 6070 gives you not much more for your money. There is a photo and video camera, but these are just toys. The screen is also pretty bad and difficult to read in the light. Although the phone supports MP3 ringtones, there's no MP3 player, but it is a stereo FM radio. The melodies are a little poor quality - not to be expected, just because the MP3 format. The memory is very low - only 3.2 MB memory, so it's not in a position to many photos or videos.

Nokia 6126


The Nokia 6126 is quite good in it outlook. You may play around with it for a couple of hours and you will able to familiar with all the functions by then. The transferring contacts are quick and easy. You could use the Bluetooth feature which works awesome with this phone. If your contact numbers are saved in your SIM card, you just put that in the Nokia 6126. The phone is advertised as a "feature packed phone" and it really is. It has quad band GSM, memory card, high resolution color display, Bluetooth, mp3 player, 1 mega pixel camera functions, and much more. The call quality is great. It sounds like you are standing right next to the person you are talking to.
The only thing you may feel dislike is the fact that it is quite bulky. Other than that it is pretty cute. All the features are easy to manipulate.

Nokia 6131


This is one of my mobile phone collections. I bought this phone because of its simplicity and its a good looking phone for me.
I like its colorful large screen and its second external display at the front of the phone.
It has a micro sd transflash memory card slot which is upgradable for up to 2gband this phone has 11mb internal memory too which still has some huge space in storing mp3 songs, videos and pictures in it.
Its pc connectivity is perfect using its bluetooth, infrared, usb cable and of course its memory card.
The mobile internet access is fast and easy using its WAP and GPRS connection.
Its has a 1.3 megapixel camera which captures very clear and nice photos as well as its video capture is great also!
Having an FM radio is also a plus on this phone.

Nokia 6133


This phone works well for calls, keeps a charge and is generally durable. It get calls pretty much anywhere one would expect from the network, and have hardly ever had any breakup or dropped calls. If you're looking extras, the camera takes very low quality images, and the ringer sound is pretty bad. But very useful for plain old phone calls. And the flip out action reminds me of some gadget from Star Trek. The matte black exterior is nice, and doesn't show dirt or wear easily. It is compact, but not overly small, so it fits into a small bag or pocket, but can tuck under your chin.
I would recommend this phone to anyone who first and foremost needs a phone to receive calls reliably, and isn't too interested in other functions.

Nokia 6136


The new Nokia 6136 mobile phone use UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access), to take advantage of fixed and mobile telephony - by sending him the connection and the value of a row of the Earth, wherever you are. With the UMA and the operator of the variant Nokia 6136 can the Internet for your phone, offers an excellent coverage and good quality, even in areas where reception Handy was already poor. It is easier to use technology - the phone automatically selects the best network, so you can relax in the knowledge that you have the best possible connection. This simplicity and comfort in a thin and lightweight, this comfortably in your hand and offers all the latest features have - 1.3-megapixel camera with 8-times digital zoom, video recording and streaming, FM Radio with Visual Radio, and E - E-mail access XHTML browser. Quality, quality and comfort, all in one.

Nokia 1112


The Nokia 1112 is a perfectly simple & a precise mobile phone designed beautifully by Nokia. The phone is simple to look at & simple to use & best of all it is simply stylish. The phone comes with large keys on the keypad & with a four way navigation button for ease of use. The 1112 has a LCD
the 'actual' volume of the ringing tone (when receiving a message) is TOO LOW as compared when you're just browsing/selecting for ringing tones in your phone settings
this phone is so cool, -SIMPLE but cool. very audible Ringtones, nice ones too, nice keypad,-easy to use, nice display background, durable, good battery life, light in the hand, wow. want a simple but durable Phone, go for this one.
Love this phone... fGood battery life, lasts approxmately for 4 days... so simple to use, extremely reliable, tough(drop it a few times already),... worth every penny.. even if you like camera phones, you should consider this as your secondary phone... , ithink this phone is better for a normal person...

Nokia 2310


Nokia 2310 a good and attractive set from Nokia. I purchased that one year back.I found some good features in this cell phone. The best part of that phone is its colored and it also have FM radio with a good quality sound. Another best thing is its price and it has got some standard features.
Nokia 2310 comes with a good battery with 4 to 6 hours talk time and 400 hours at stand by mode. The battery back up is brilliant not need to charge it daily.Ring tones:
It supports polyphonic ring tones. The phone comes with 24 ring tones and support vibercall.You can speed dial 8 numbers.
you can save 200 names in phone book memory, 60sms and graphical messages. The call log shows last 30 calls of all type.
The main features of the phone is FM radio.It offers midi and mp3 melodies.
Some basic things:
Like other simple phones this phone also have other simple things like calculator, stop watch, currency converter, mucical composer and reminder and alarm facility.look:
Nokia 2310 comes in three or four different colors and the most beautiful color is white one. It looks very nice and beautiful as compare to other colors like blue or silver. Its outlook is nice.
According to me Nokia 2310 is a good and cheap set with standard features. Its basically a set for calling and receiving plus you can also enjoy FM radio with it. So Nokia 2310 is for those people who are looking for a set with basic features at low price. this set can fulfill their requirement and best fit for them.

Nokia 2610


My cousin bought a Nokia 2610 because she said that it is an affordable GPRS phone with classic design, enhanced voice communication, & mobile internet. It has great design also for being stylish, durable, & with comfortable grip. It also has larger fonts and screen display. It is nice for having WAP, Email, & MMS support. It is fun to use because of its Nokia Xpress Audio Messaging."Mobile Productivity Feature:"
  • Phone Book/Contacts:
    - Large contact storage
    - Send/receive business card via SMS
  • Text Messaging:
    - Store up to 100 text messages in phone
    - Predictive text Support
    - Speed dialing for SMS sending
    - Create and manage personal distribution list
    - Set any ring tone as SMS alert
  • Power organizer-week & month review with local calendar
  • Phone & key mat lock
  • Expense manager, Calculator, Converter II, English-Chinese Dictionary, Countdown Timer, & Stopwatch

Nokia N72


It is superb looking phone in its class with very useful features. Also, it is from the Nseries family with a low price among Nseries. It is also one of the beauty among them. My views on some of the aspects of the phone are:
Its design is awesome and sophisticated looking with silver lining around the screen and the keypad. Its camera cover which is shiny black in colour is also cool. I think I would give this phone 5/5 in design.
It has Digital Music Player for playing your favourite tracks. Also, there is a key for direct access to the music player.

It has Real Video Player for playing videos. It supports MPEG4, 3GP and Real Video format.
It has a 20MB internal memory and 128MB external memory.Display:
It has 2.1" display with Ambient light detector.
Its software is Symbian S60 2nd edition.In this phone, you can install both java and symbian games of resolution 176x208.
Some features available in this phone are:
-USB connectSome of the problems experienced by me is:
-It sometimes becomes very slow.
-After using this phone for almost 1 year, it starts to freeze.

Nokia N73


This Nokia N73 is worth your money. With its features and new offerings you can be tempted to buy one. If you go through some reviews, you will see this phone score a very high rating.
The Nokia N73 is among the best cell phones in the N-series, because most others have bugs. But this cell phone so far is still bug-free.
Anyway, it's bluetooth does not have A2DP. Which is a drawback and A2DP users might not consider in buying it.
This Nokia N73 phone is not just a new Symbian smartphone, it is a cell phone for modern technology lovers. The phone is also equipped with a built in 3.2 mega pixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics. Also it has an auto focusing with built-in flash.

Nokia N93


The following is the specification of the GSM Nokia N93. The view is sometimes used to reduce the completeness of the features held. various features such as mobile phones owned by Screen Size 240 x 320 pixels, 36 x 48 mm, miniSD memory slot, hot swap, 128 MB card included, the Operating System Symbian OS 9.1, S60 3rd edition, 3:15 MP Camera, 2048 × 1536 pixels, 3x optical zoom, Carl Zeiss Optics, autofocus, video (VGA 30 fps), flash; secondary CIF video call camera, - and there calling Video download, UPnP technology, Java MIDP 2.0, Push to talk, MP3/AAC/MPEG4 player , T9, Stereo FM radio, TV out support, Voice command / memo, PIM including calendar, to-d. The camera is 3.5 mega pixels can certainly spoil your event or to perpetuate the beautiful scenery without having to bring a digital camera. besides that, also, MP3 facilities it can also bring you always happy with the music there.

Nokia 5500 Sport


The prices from Nokia 5500 almost equal with Nokia 6233, but two of this phone is not design for same thing. The different is that Nokia 5500 is design for Outdoor Consumer that get his/her activity on the field like Engineer, Athlete, Hiker or traveler.
Because that reason Nokia 5500 is design to resist from dust, water, vibration that we often meet on the field. Nokia 5500 has 64MB internal memory capacity, OS Symbian, and outdoor program like Stopwatch, Steps counter, Calories counter, text to speech, 3D motion sensor, flashlight, PIM including calendar, and to do list.
I like this phone because for me this phone resist from water and of course resist from impact. Overall this is a good mobile phone.

Nokia E50


The Nokia E50 is given the type of TFT screen with a color depth of up to 262 thousand colors. Screen size used is quite large with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. Layarnya size equal to widely used mobile phone body keypadnya range. Layarnya through the wide, users can maximize the image to see a good photo or video.
Memory capacity in the mobile phone is quite large. Given the internal memory up to 70 Mb is enough to just save the data office job or music. Including pictures and video the results of shooting digital camera. If they are still less, the manufacturer Nokia already manages to provide additional memory slot hot swap with T-type flash memory micro SD alias.
Power batteries that are used are very reliable. Ditenagai battery BL-5C diversified technology, with 970 mAh Lithium said, the phone can be used continuously up to 6.8 hours. Meanwhile, according to the time siaganya info disitusnya can reach 9 days, but the time of the testing, the device appeared to be disiagakan up to 10 days.
Another E series that will enliven the market smart phones. Series called E50, a mobile phone manufacturer Nokia is created to meet the needs of the workers of a mobile office. As kodratnya as members of the group E series phones, Nokia E50 features full office facilities, especially the email can also be used to connect to the Blackberry. Let a series of the office is equipped with multimedia features and additional digital camera.

Candybar design adopted the model of big and little visible long. This series has dimensions of 113 x 43.5 x 15.5 mm and weighing 104 grams. In the face of the phone, especially the silver screen dibaluti color. Color is also membaluti the back cover, made of metal. Material is the mobile phone seems to make this feel more weight. Weight of E50 will be reduced significantly when the back cover removed.

When tested try for almost a full month, the general performance series E50 is quite good and can be unreliable. Invasive species located only in the mobile office features that it can only be used to read the files have a certain size in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Used to make calls and receive calls, this series is running perfectly. No interference in the slightest fear of this communication.

Nokia 1110i


As of January 2007, the 1110 was being sold by Nokia as their basic low-end monochrome model.[3] One of its key markets is that of developing countries
* Speaking alarm and clock
* Icon-based phonebook with simplified menu navigation
* 20-chord polyphonic ringtones with MP3-grade sound
* New inverted black and white display with amber backlight (the 1110i has a regular or non-inverted black and white display)
* Graphical demo mode for phone features both with and without SIM card
* Analog clock display
* Call management (timers, counters)
* Internal antenna
* Exchangeable Xpress-on colour covers
* Picture messaging to send a picture greeting
* Three built-in games

* Four-way scroll key
* Easy deletion of multiple messages
* Undo item in SMS editor
* 5 hrs battery talktime
* The new SNAKE XENZIA game

The Nokia 1110 and Nokia 1110i are low-end GSM cell phones sold by Nokia. The 1110 was released in 2005; the 1110i was released in 2006. Both are aimed at first-time cell phone users. In Nokia's view, the 1110i has the advantage of ease-of-use, reliability and a low price.[1][2] These phones are very similar to the Nokia 1100.

Nokia 6080


Nokia 6080 hand machine. Substantial pragmatic one mobile telephone. 24 chord tinkles of bells , simple straight board design , use when living right away if your feel is simple the same comfort. 300,000 pixel camera shooting head. Support the body FM radio set function You. Fuselage memory 16 MB.It supports IMAP4 , POP3 and , SMTP ? C TCP/IP waiting for the email function by agreement , can the sound recording oh, lets it record your splendid voice or the sound wanting to take notes down a souvenir or treasure up. Think about , modern society, is astute be very necessary way , choose money mobile telephone , calculate that oh really very much. This mobile telephone has but, a little defects , is that its navigation key insists to use stiffly , only a little bit passable!

Nokia 6151


Nokia 6151 is a middle price mobile phone (I mean this mobile phone not too expensive or not too cheap). This mobile phone has supported with 3G. This phone is suitable for teens that like music and download content from internet, so this mobile phone is supported by FM radio, Stereo Speaker, MP3/AAC/M4A Stereo player, 3GPP/MPEG4 video player and also 1.3 MP camera. The lack fiture from this phone is not supported by OS Symbian.
I ever use this phone, I borrowed it from my friend, Adrian, But after I used it for about 2 weeks, I feel tiresome.
After I Compare the lack, surplus and also the prices, this phone is not so good. I give 5 point from 10. I am not recommend you to buy this mobile phone

Nokia 7373


Main features:
  • GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 2G
  • Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3, AAC
  • microSD (TransFlash), up to 2GB, hotswap
  • - 8 MB internal memory
    - 2.5 MB free internal memory
  • 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels, video(QCIF) camera
Working out the conclision, I can tell with confidence that this mobile telephone turned out successful. What I can tell - excellent design, ergonomical keyboard, rich multimedia possibilities, all of this belongs to Nokia 7373. One of the cons is the absence of sockets for mini usb.
A mobile telephone is targeted on womanish or girlish part of audience, that does not find a reflection for other participants of this market. Certainly, a company Nokia paid large attention the design of this cell phone telephone, in the same time, they took care about the functionality. Whatever you tell, but this is the one of a kind cell phone, which was made for women who want to match their style with one of a kind accessory (a gorgeous and functional cell phone).

Nokia 7390


Main features:
  • GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 for GPRS
  • UMTS 2100 for 3G
  • Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3, AAC ringtones and downloadable
  • microSD (TransFlash), up to 2GB, hotswap and 21 MB internal memory
  • GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps for access data
  • 3G, 384 kbps and EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps
  • 3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, autofocus, video, flash; secondary VGA videocall camera
Nokia is one of the few companies that actually has a designer line for cell phones. If nothing else, it's interesting to see what companies perceive to be stylish with consumer electronics, and as the trend to release women friendly electronics rise, you can expect others to follow shortly. The 7390 is part of the company's L'Amour designer collection, which also includes a few other models. Since the phone is part of a designer series, needless to say, it's going to be relatively better than traditional cell phones. And of course, Nokia delivers well on our expectations of a pure glamorous phone.
The 7390 is available in two colors: powder pink and bronze black. We looked at the latter version. The color combination is quite striking and very different for the 7390, as the black exterior surrounds a bronze patch and an exterior display with an exotic pattern. Interestingly, as you move towards the back, there's a leather patch right underneath the camera lens. Although it [leather patch] isn't really useful, it's a touch to exaggerate the 7390's designer heritage.

The 7390 is a typical flip-phone with an external display that boasts 160x128 with 1.25-inch resolution and support for 262k colors. The display is impressively bright and supports the standard display properties, such as photo caller ID, battery life, date, time and the remaining set. It also converts as a viewfinder for the integrated camera, but unfortunately, that's all it can do. Since the lens is located on the backside, you can't use the external display as a mirror for self-portraits. What a pity! Furthermore, you can also use the display to go through a few additional items, such as music playback with the three buttons that are situated right underneath the LCD panel.

As we mentioned earlier, the camera lens is on the other side, while the volume up/down buttons and camera button are implemented on the right side. The left side has the power button, an infrared port and a tag. Personally, the tag is a decent touch. It's all about flaunting and exclusivity at this point. Nokia, for some odd reason, Nokia has moved the mini-USB port and the power connector to the very top. It isn't the ideal place, of course. Also, the microSD expansion slot is taken all the way behind the battery cover. Now, if you are not the person to tinker with that regularly, it's actually a great location. But if you like to constantly insert/remove the card for syncing multimedia files, it's going to be painful.
The Nokia 7390 L'Amour is certainly a rock solid and durable phone with a few noticeable quirks here and there, but considering it's one of the few designer phones in the market, we can't be too picky. With that said, the 7390 isn't really available in the United States (exclusively for European, Asian and Middle Eastern markets), though you could grab an unlocked version for about $350-ish. Since it's also not compatible with all US based networks, you may notice above average dropped calls or signal issues with it as well.

Nokia 8800 Sirocco


The new Nokia 8800 Sirocco is wrapped up just like a highly expensive bottle of wine: in a black box made of solid cardboard, whose top is held by a silver clip with the polished number 8800 and the words Sirocco Edition. In the first level of the box I found a flint-paper brochure assuring the new owner how bright their idea of buying Nokia 8800 Sirocco has been. Along with the handset the package includes a great amount of high-class accessories.
Sirocco is currently the most expensive Nokia model on the market. It has a sapphire protecting glass and glossy steel panels; among its standard accessories are a leather case, two batteries, a earphone, a Bluetooth handsfree, and a cleaning cloth. Apparently, future owners of Nokia 8800 Sirocco will be happening to rarely run one into another if ever: the reason? Nokia 8800 Sirocco costs a good deal of money.

Nokia 6085


Nokia 6085 is a very nice phone that comes with some very nice features. It comes with bluetooth, fm radio, digital player, and digital camera too. You can be working outside or even walking down the street and be listening to the fm radio. It is really great to use and te phone has very good signal and reception. It is very simple to use and the volume can go up nice and loud. t has a variety of rintones that you can use and switch from day to day if you choose. It is small enough to carry around in your pocket too. It just has a very nice range of features that you are able to use. It is a really good price for the phone.

Nokia 6288


It has all the usual perks, 3G, mp3 and radio, camera and external microSD slot.
But the design is really simple but beautiful. I just like the sliding part because it makes the phone so cool. I also like the screen because it's big and very clear. If I capture any photos, it's always displayed very clearly and for the camera, there's a special button you can push to take photos. It makes the phone feel like a real camera.The speaker is also really good. I always choose the handsfree option and the sound quality's really great.
The price isn't an issue if we consider all the features. I got mine under contact but I'd recommend it to anyone.The only downside is, it's quite thick but it isn't that heavy,

Nokia 5200


The nokia 5200 was my first camera mobile and i still cherish it.It has an astonishing battery life and its features are simply outstanding.It is more of a music phone than a camera phone.The walkman feature is one that stands out.It is a very user friendly phone and one you get to know it you will have a great time using it.The only disadvantage in it is the poor camera.the camera is not very good and pictures do not come out very well.But apart from that,the blue tooth and infrared connectivity options,the easy three step sms sending options .etc. are all features that make it a great phone.
In addition to this the phone has a micro SD expandable memory which can store any number of songs and pictures.the phone also comes with substantiable inbuilt memory that could store more than 3000 inbox messages.It also has the facility to store the 20 most recent delivery reports.Above all it is a great phone that I would recommend for anyone looking for a simple basic camera mobile and its low pricing makes it the best of its range.

Nokia 5300


This is a dandy little phone. It's a slide phone, with camera and music player. It takes videos. It has bluetooth. And of course a calendar, calculator, memo thingy, games, radio, voice recorder, connects to the web, etc etc. BUT the key thing (aside from its usefulness as an actual telephone) is the music player. The sound quality is really really great. Compared to my husband's ipod Nano, the sound quality is totally comparable.
The computer program by which you put your mp3's onto the phone is a bit clunky. It could be a little more user-friendly. But it wasn't difficult to figure out. The phone itself does not actually play mp3's, but rather converts the mp3's that it finds on your computer to a music format that your phone can play. My phone came with a 200mb memory card which holds about 60 songs. The memory card can be upgraded to 2 GB which will obviously hold a lot more songs.
The camera... well it's a camera and takes kind of okay pictures. It's a 1.3 megapixel camera with zoom function. This is good if you're ever out and about and see something you just really want to snap a picture of. But I wouldn't rely on this camera to take pictures of memorable events that you would want to keep forever. It's not that great. Similarly, the video function is okay, but certainly not anything near as good as a bona fide movie camera. As for the many other functions, (too many to expound on really) yes well they are there and are all user-friendly and good.
Battery life... not too good. At first I only got one day of battery life and I had to recharge. Very disappointing! I went online and found some tips on how to extend the 5300's battery life and they certainly did help. Now I get 3 or 4 days battery life. As for the actual main purpose of this cellphone, which is as a phone: I have no complaints. The sound quality is great and I have had no dropped calls. I mention dropped calls because it seems to be one of those things that concerns people a lot. Frankly, dropped calls have never been a problem for me, ever, which I believe has more to do with the network than the phone itself. I'm with Fido, in Canada. They have a good network, say no more!
I bought the phone new on ebay, unlocked, for $160. In the store around the corner it would have cost $270. Recently at a family birthday party, my father-in-law said to me, "are you taking a picture with your cellphone"? I said yes, and told him it also played music, had a calculator, a video camera, and connected to the internet. "Unbelievable", he said. Yep, the future is here, even better than Get Smart envisioned. Whoo!

Nokia N75


The Nokia N75 is a 3G devices, but can not work in the European UMTS. This device only supports the 850/1900 MHz frequency is applied in North America, but also work in the GSM 850/900/1800/1900 facilities equipped with EDGE and GPRS, so that can be used throughout the world. This device has a wide screen display 2.4 ", 240x320 pixels with a size and color depth of 16 million colors, and the VGA resolution. Camera 2 megapixel integrated leaders in the back, with a wide screen external 1.36" and the size of 128x160 pixels, and some checker to the media facilities. N75 how to use and gives the impression that good to play the song, although in a closed state, digital music can be played (controlled) only through the key parts that are on the front cover, only assisted by the front screen of 1.36 inch that can be used to view information necessary for the purpose of playing the songs that only with only one button. Support for the full MP3, M4A, AAC, eAAC + and WMA, additional facilities including a
winner, the list of song files, facilities repeated playback songs in random. When the N75 with the computer only with a key will be connected with the songs online store and can directly select and download songs and the desired direct entry stored in the N75, can store up to 1,500 songs into the memory card size of 2GB microSD (sold separately) . N75 also has a function in stereo FM radio that you can use to listen to your favorite event by using headphones or directly with 3D stereo speakers it. A key function as a camera taking pictures 2MP (1600 x 1200 pixels) and can preview on the screen in the main part in the size of which has a 2.4 inch 16 million color acuity (24 bits). Facilities 16x digital zoom, LED flash light and image storage formats such as JPEG / EXIF can provide assurance to take photos of good quality. Entertainment is a small tool can also be used as a small screen TVs, dioptimal have to view streaming video clip. Facilities MPEG-4 recording and playback in landscape (horizontal), N75 has internal memory of 40 MB.

Nokia N95


The Nokia N95 is 99mm tall, 53mm wide and 21mm thick and weighs only 120g. A TFT screen offers 16 million colours with high resolution of 240x 320 pixels and it is quite well to work on it. The users can get here various kinds of ring-tones like, MP3, monophonic, true tones and polyphonic.
Nokia N95 supports 160MB of internal memory with 64MB SDRAM memory that is also expandable with a microSD card and hotswap. While the Nokia N95 8GB comes with 8GB internal memory, which comes without any microSD card, as 8Gb memory is enough in itself. It gives you enough room for storage of important work files and a lot more. 
Nokia N95 is an extremely superior mobile phone and jam-packed with stylish features. Nokia N95 comes in two versions of n95 and n95 8GB. Both handsets are same in all the features but the chief difference is only of the memory. It boasts of an astounding 5MP camera feature that will attract every viewer. It has quad-band GSM network for seamless connectivity. It comes with excellent capabilities and eye-catching looks. It comes in silver coloured casing with dual slide design.

Nokia 2626


The Nokia 2626 comes with a 1.5 inches, 65K colors screen display with screen savers, themes, and wall papers as well as a 4-way navigation keys. It's got a polyphonic ring tones as well as MP3 capability if you feel bored using the polyphonic ring tones.
It's 2 MB user memory is not enough to store for files like MP3 for your favorite songs. It also does not have a slot card for memory expansion. That's the down side of it.
I would rate this phone satisfactory. But is still recommended for the potential buyers who are just looking for the basic functions of a mobile phone without the need of a digital camera. 
he Nokia 2626 mobile phone is another candy-bar type of unit released by Nokia with good features for an affordable price. I consider it actually as a low-end phone, since it doesn't have much features in it. Basically, this phone is just for those who are looking for the very basic function or text messages and for call.

Nokia 6300


Dimension be measured quite long but not too wide. The size of 106.4 mm x 43.6 mm x 13.1 mm series is the most thin mobile phone output Nokia. that quality including the weight of 91 grams.
Perhaps the cause is the raw material covernya made of metal.
Although the battery off, the phone still feels heavy. What is unique is the view that keypad only a third of the entire body of the phone. Despite the size of small but comfortable enough when the operation. Show stylishly this series can also be used to make stylish. Wrapping silver color the entire display face more expensive to make an impression obvious.
The concept eventually thin mobile phone created by the manufacturer Nokia. Seems not to lag with other vendors, Nokia 6300 series issued to the mobile phone market with the concept of thin.
Let not, and that for the first, but in fact this series is for the output Nokia mobile phone. Phone sailed wide enough even nearly half of the body of the phone is part screen. Resolution screen size of 240 x 320 pixels with a color depth of up to 16 million colors. For this one, and we certainly view that screen very clear and undoubtable again.
The camera features one of the leading series 6300. Technology that
can produce 2-megapixel image quality. Moreover, the support screen the depth 16 million, will add a perfect record, especially when
the object through video facilities recordnya. A thumbs-up for display screen nan sharp and clear. Supplies 16 million colors indeed screen proven in the big comfy. Position can also be used as a mobile phone as a fashion style as a friend.
Energy needed the device tolerably large, but this is a mobile phone manufacturer manages the provision of battery BL-4C Lithium, which can sit up to 336 hours and operated up to 3.5 hours.

Nokia 6086


A good phone, simple and fairly robust. Good quality radio kit with hands-free nokia. 1 year in no particular worries, autonomy identical to that at the time of purchase. Camera very average after luminuosité and provide a memory card.
The Nokia 6086 incorporates the new technology UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) that allows you to enjoy, thanks to wifi, supply of Orange Unik through your Livebox.
This offer allows you to make VoIP calls directly on your mobile without any manipulation of your hand. So you can call in from your mobile unlimited. Its features a VGA camera capable of recording video.
I have a 6086 last week and I am satisfied. Except for the quality of the photos is poor after transfer to the PC. I wonder if it is normal that always turns off the screen after a minute without being able to adjust this time.

Nokia 6290


While the Nokia 6290 is designed to provide help for people who manage and improve the productivity, the smartphone will be better for its simplicity. An ergonomic keyboard, hot keys and intuitive menu structure, which has begun, as simple as never before. The Nokia 6290 also offers a wizard for installing guides users through the process of implementing its e-mail, MMS functions as well as the operator of the settings.
The Nokia 6290 combines the collective power of S60 3rd Edition and 3G in an easy to use, attractive package developed. With the basis of 3G subscribers is expected over the next year, there is a great need for 3G models like the Nokia 6290 smartphone in our portfolio.
The Nokia 6290 is designed for the needs of busy professionals seeking a balance between the company and employs social policy agenda. With a series of new features, many memories, fast and useful for covering the key to the access, instant access to a variety of useful features of the device, including an interactive travel request, consumers can register their mobile phone for many things. Combined with the constantly on the 3G technology, by providing access to e-mail, as well as links to favorite sites. The Nokia 6290 the application of research-Mobile offers the leading provider of search engines and the location of services, only by pressing a button.

Nokia N93i


Nokia N93i this is my dream mobile phone the features are
* The camera quality,ease of changing from still to video. having all my office needs while on the road travelling, as well as a great mobile for chatting on. good sound in the mp3 system as well as th
* It is a little bulkier than most new mobile phones, but it is still better than trying to carry a mobile phone and a digital camera
* 3.2 megapixel cameraphone, an FM radio (visual). mp3 player, DVD like quality vid and carl zeiss optics lens
* This looks like the perfect phone!!! (at least to me because I have brand loyalty to Nokia) my elder brother has this phone this is the best phone till now i have seen...
guys if u really like nokia then u got to buy this mobile..N93i

Nokia N76


It is an intelligently designed phone has all the ingredients to be accepted by the high-end mobile users. Nokia N76 has unique features like quick cover keys which allow playing of music and taking pictures without opening the phone, ambient light detector for optimizing operating times etc. This phone retains all the features of the Nokia N-series phones plus a lot more. Like all other N-Series phones Nokia N76 too comes with entertaining functions.It has an inbuilt memory of up to 26 MB which can be expanded up to 2 GB with the use of Micro SD card.Nokia N76 is also multimedia enabled with an integrated FM radio. It also has an integrated music player.Nokia N 76 support various email protocols such as SMTP, IMAP4, and POP3. This is apart from the regular features such as Chatting, MMS, Picture messaging etc. Other common Nokia features include calculator, voice recorder, Bluetooth, integrated hands free speakers etc. With Nokia N76, it is also possible to video conference. It is also possible to use software like Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. Nokia N76 has a talk time of up to 2.75 hours and a standby time of up to 8.5 days. It comes with a standard Li-ion 700 mAh battery.

Nokia 3109 classic


This phone may use for the people who like listen to music like mp3. It's because of its memory. MicroSD (TransFlash), up to 2GB and 32 MB internal memory.
Rintones can use Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3, AAC and can added more mp3 music.
For browsing activity, there are GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps and EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps

Nokia 3110 classic


Nokia 3110 classic edition has no much dufferent with 3110 envolve.
This phone use network 2G GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900, it was announced in february 2007.
Go to its ringtones menu, we could add Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3, AAC as we like.  Don't worry, its memory microSD (TransFlash), up to 2GB big enough to save your favorite music.
Connecting activity , there are 2 methode:
+++ GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps
+++ EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps
There are bluetooth and usb available.
It use 1.3 MP, 1280 x 1024 pixels, video(QCIF) camera.

Nokia 6110 Navigator


I liked its body build up as it rough an tough and the slider is great. But it could have been a bit compact.The GPS is great but since GPS stuff is not followed much in India so i think indians must think twice before buying.The camera is perfect, it delivered me great snaps of great quality even in dark.The music player is ultimate specially while using earphones. The only thin that surprised me was poor battery backup. It spent just 3-4 hours on full stretch.
Nokia 6110 Navigator mobile, as the name says "navigator" it has got a special feature of GPS which keeps you on the track whenever and wherever you are on the globe.It is a slider type of a mobile which a great slide and a rigid ans stylish body.Has got a 2 Mega Pixel camera with autofocus and flash.Has a great music player.Has around 30-40 MB of internal memory which is extendable upto 2GB.Has got FM radio, bluetooth but no infrared and WiFi.

Nokia N77


Being a member of N series range it comes into the market with great expectations and it has captured the hearts of millions with its high focussed and quality technologies. Measuring 111 x 50 x 18.8 mm it weighs 114 grams. It is equipped with 2.4 inches TFT display supporting over 16 million colors. There is 64 MB built in SDRAM memory with ARM 9 220 MHz processor. The internal memory is 20 MB and there is a card slot microSD expandable up to 2 GB. As it is almost a year since this gadget came to the stores so it does not possess the latest 3G HSDPA technolgy but what it does have is 3G HSPDA technology providing 384 kbps of internet surfing speed. It possess 2 megapixel camera with a secondary VGA camera for video calls. It has a great DVB-H TV broadcast receiver which is one of the most promising feature it offers. There is a media player which supports MP3/M4A/AAC/eAAC+/WMA format. to view your office documents it has a document viewer. It offers talk time up to 4 hours 30 minutes and 170 hours standby time. Overall it is a focussed 3G smartphone.

Nokia E61i


This is unit of cellphone is best suites fo people who are needed to have a computer, a phone, and a multimedia in one device. And alsofor those outgoing people because they can carry and use it whenever and wherever they need and want it. And they always have access in online activities such as emails, business conference, and other online business works.
For Connectivity:
Quadband GSM 850/900/1800/1900
Bluetooth 1.2 wireless technology
IrDA (115 kbps), Pop-port
For Imaging and Media Consumption
2.0 megapixel camera
HTML Nokia Browser with Minimap and XHTML Browser
Music player (MP3/AAC)
Real player (MP4)
Video and audio streaming (3GPP and Real Media)
For Technical Specifications:
Series 60 3rd Edition User Interface
16M color display
MicroSD memory card slot (hotswap)
For Device Security:
Device lock, Sim change lock, remote lock
Nokia Mobile VPN client

Nokia E65


NOKIA E65, the 3G mobile phone using the Symbian OS S60. The Nokia E65 can be said versions consummation of a version of NOKIA 6280 and NOKIA 6288, this is seen from the design of sliding almost the same among the three mobile phone is. The E65 is to distinguish the mobile phone is already using the Symbian OS S60.
Meanwhile, to display, this third mobile phone use the same screen, that is 240x320 pixels, 16 million colors. Other features of the E65, among others, HSDPA, wifii, 2MP camera, Buetooh, IrDA, and many more features. The thin slider design, make the phone more visible fashion, and seem quite expensive. Although the price offered is quite affordable, the Nokia E65 provides many good multimedia features. This mobile phone is suitable for you love fashion multemedia also in the mobile phone

Nokia E90


Nokia E90 communicator is the best. Surf the net, transport media-rich files by means of HSDPA (up to 3.6 Mbit/s enabled) which means High-Speed Downlink Packet Access and 3G high-speed mobile broadband. The Nokia E90 enhance with it's applications by surfing, editing documents and even images. Get pictures with the 3.2 mega pixel camera with flash and auto focus. You can use it in any places where ever you want to go with its quad-band Global System for Mobile (GSM) and automatic switching between bands. By Nokia E90 you can also access voice, data functions easily and conveniently with its shortcut keys. With the integrated GPS it's easy to locate venues, restaurants, and other places you like to visit. This mobile phone is best for business ever.

Nokia 5070


Key features
High-resolution color display with up to 65,536 colors (128 x 160 pixels)
VGA (640*480 pixels) resolution camera with video capability
Multimedia messaging (MMS)
GPRS and WAP 2.0 services
EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution) compatibility
USB Connectivity (Pop-Port)
Nokia Series 40 Theme compatibility
FM radio (with headset)
MP3 ringtones
Address book, calendar, and reminders
Java 2 Micro (J2ME) compatibility
PTT (Push-To-Talk)
xHTML web browser
The 5070 supports:
EDGE multislot class 6, max. 177,6 kb/s
GPRS multislot class 10, max. 80 kb/s

The Nokia 5070 is a sibling of Nokia 6070 mobile phone made by Nokia. It operates on GSM tri band frequency 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz (850 and 1900 MHz in the US model), with automatic switching between frequencies. It is small in size with dimensions of 105,4 x 44,3 x 18,6 mm and weights 88 grams.

Nokia 5700


The 5700 is designed for the lover of music. It is a 3G smartphone with a dedicated audio chip for improved music performance. Smartphone, video, camera and music player! Very funky! As the camera of the 5700 has a 2-megapixel camera that has the capability of recording video and flash so you can take pictures, even in not so well areas.
Now, as we mentioned this phone is designed for music lovers, therefore, has a music player capable of playing MP3/AAC/AAC+/eAAC+/WMA music files. And if you never get bored listening to your own music is an FM radio to keep you entertained.
The Nokia 5700 has two ways to listen to your music cool, firstly, we have included a headphone jack 3.5 mm so you can connect your own headphones, and secondly, the phone has two stereo speakers for a major musical experience.
The 5700 also has 35MB of internal memory with the ability to improve with the use of a microSD memory card! There is also Bluetooth A2DP technology that lets you stream music wirelessly to a Bluetooth headset.

Nokia 6121 Classic 3G Phone


The Nokia 6121 Classic comes with a Symbian operating system complete with S60 software. The phone comes with an automatic key lock feature which will ensure the user does not access their phones features by accident. The 6121 is a quad band phone which allows the user to use their handset worldwide depending on the network provider. The phone comes with thirty five Mbytes of internal memory & with an expandable memory options which allows the user to further the phones memory by adding a memory card up to two Gbytes. The phone comes a user guide, battery, headset, CD-Rom, USB cable & battery charger including in the kit. The user can enjoy fast downloads & high speed internet connection with the built in 3G HSDPA technology. The EDGE technology provides the user with high speed data transfers which are approximately three times faster than GPRS transfers. The user can connect to other devices using either a mini USB connection or a wireless Bluetooth® connection between the Nokia 6121 Classic & the other compatible device.