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The Precious Motorola v3x

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It was recommended by one of my friends when I was looking for a great but affordable handset a year ago and I made it mine with only RM 400( Malaysian currency- approximately USD 93) . Today, for the adequate amount of usage time to be judge of the product, I strongly recommended it to be experienced by you yourselves. My opinion? It is the great product with the great price. No doubt for it.

Motorola v3x, nice name, nice figure, nice appearance, nice price, nice features, with prodigious and surprising capabilities! It is an astonishing stylishly design, with a modern 3G technology associated phone. Not to be neglected, it also equipped with a great media player, you can simply catch your favorite songs with it and feel the real concert sound! To my surprise, it is amazing as it is actually a nice picture-capturing capability phone (even though only 2.0 megapixel), as I do not have any difficulties in taking wonderful memorable pictures in all of the occasion that I attend, since I was neither a DSLR user, nor even a common cameras. Moreover, after all the way I used it, with uncountable times the handset slip off from my hand or pocket ( since used to be a construction labor) , it was an extraordinarily amazing as it remain doing its job as my great handset like nothing has happen at all.

Nokia N71

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When I first saw this phone I thought that it was not really the type of cellular phone that I would like to use. I used to have an N70 but sold it because I bought another phone that I like better. After a while, someone offered me an N71. She was selling the phone because she got one before her birthday and was given another as a gift (the one she was offering to me) for her birthday.
Anyway, to cut the long story short, I bought the cellular phone and was very happy that I did. I was supposed to give it to my sister but ended up using it myself.
What I really appreciate about the phone is its sleek fold design that holds an integrated music and video player, a 2 megapixel camera, an improved Internet browser, a large 2.4″ color display, 3G connection speeds and loads of other features! One issue I have with this phone is that the keys may actually cause scratches on the screen. However, I got that sorted out by putting a screen protector. For now, I am enjoying the use of the phone.

Nokia N80

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i have used it since last year, my dad gave it to me last year as his birthday present since it was my debut. its large memory provides user room for storage of lots of pictures, videos, music, themes, etc. with WiFi and a 3 megapixel camera. Using WiFi, i keep hooked onto net from anywhere in the house. For the ones who like the voice dial in Nokia... good news is that, N80 adds... voice tags automically for every program and for every contact by the program name or contact full name. .However, i have difficulties with the joy stick since mine is silver. it easily get stained. Only the battery seemed a bit odd. I need to recharge the cell daily... and at times twice a day if i over use it and the flex. i need to maintain and check my flex once in a while and it's really expensive...

Nokia N92

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Nokia Nseries this one has actually been quite a long time introduced to the public. Several Internet sites have been released beridentitas N92 mobile phone with various excellence. Also in the country, almost all the media both print and electronic scramble to review and merelease to the public. Even until mid-September and the Nokia N92 is not when there is clarity will be launched, because the readiness of its software to operate in Indonesia are still adjusted.
Lucky Cell phones do this test after all softwarenya complete and feasible test. The test conducted at least have 100 percent ready to release a mobile phone. According to the plan of the Nokia N92 will be marketed at the end of this month. Leading this series is located on the ability presenting a live TV broadcast and also features music player.
With these types of Lithium Polymer battery with a capacity of 1,500 mAh, N92 is able to be used continuously for 4 hours. Meanwhile, time siaganya can reach 7 days. However this still depends on the board decrease network operators to use. The rise or decrease network also developed a battery that is not small.When used to receive calls and make calls, voice, which sounded very clear. Similarly, the recipient was there, the voice also accepted without any clear sound foreign disrupt. I now receive incoming calls, you must first open the phone fold. There is no shortcut to accept except the phone using the handsfree.
The ability to surf the phone to the virtual world proved reliable. Using GPRS or via Wi Fi connection is fast. Download several files either in the form of images, to have a certain size MP3 music quickly. Almost no problems, which means that when the surf to the virtual world.