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Nokia N800

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People wanted more about Apple’s iPhone, wanted to know the possible capabilities of the dubbed “Jesusphone” but really, people don’t know about hidden gems in the Tech Industry. There are other more effective products, yes there are, in terms of connectivity, productivity and usability.nokia-n800-1.jpg
Nokia’s N800 and N810 are such “gems” in the market, my friend introduced me to Nokia’s newly developed Internet Tablet, please keep in mind, this is NOT a phone but a device which allows users to be connected to the Internet as well as use the multimedia capabilities of the device.
These are some of the main features of these devices:

  • Linux Based Operating System (No more symbian OS)
  • Rotating Webcam for Internet Chat using Google Talk & Skype
  • Built-in MP3 Software as well as Divx capabilities
  • On screen keyboard for N800, while the onscreen keyboard as well as a slide-down keyboard for the N810
  • Built-in GPS in the N810 version
  • User can use their fingertips and the provided stylus pen for better input accuracy.
  • Built in native Opera Browser with flash capabilities (Beat that iPhone!)
As you can see, this list is very impressive, especially in Nokia’s part as this is a a big step into mobile communication. There are various youtube videos in which I will be including later this week, but just to let you know, some review companies tested the Google Talk & Skype feature of the N800 and I was very impressed.
Prices are as follows, in expansys.ca (Canadian Mobile Device Seller) the Nokia N800 was priced at CDN$279.99 while the N810 was roughly about CDN$450-499 (Priced higher because of the slide-down keyboard and built-in GPS). If you consider that these are Nokia devices, the prices aren’t as bad as you think. It is a pretty well-designed device with alot of capabilities, which will kick start the touch-screen race for the ultimate “Jesusphone.” LOL
Images courtesy of: nokia.com, images.google.com