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Nokia 6086


A good phone, simple and fairly robust. Good quality radio kit with hands-free nokia. 1 year in no particular worries, autonomy identical to that at the time of purchase. Camera very average after luminuosité and provide a memory card.
The Nokia 6086 incorporates the new technology UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) that allows you to enjoy, thanks to wifi, supply of Orange Unik through your Livebox.
This offer allows you to make VoIP calls directly on your mobile without any manipulation of your hand. So you can call in from your mobile unlimited. Its features a VGA camera capable of recording video.
I have a 6086 last week and I am satisfied. Except for the quality of the photos is poor after transfer to the PC. I wonder if it is normal that always turns off the screen after a minute without being able to adjust this time.