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Nokia 8800 Arte


Looks will be the weapons of choice, although the Arte duo has an ace up their sleeve in terms of functionality too. Nokia 8800 Arte and 8800 Sapphire Arte are the first 88xx series phones to feature 3G support. Anyway, the whole bunch is so heavy on design and exclusivity that high speed data transfers may as well be of no consequence if you're to make up your mind between the Arte and the Luna. Nokia 8800 Arte will face the greatest amount of competition inside its own pack, with every other 88xx-series handset a potential rival.
The premium Nokia 8800 Arte brings along a fine bunch of accessories. And well deserved to the very last one of them, if you ask us, given the cost of the handset. Apart from the main ingredients - the phone and the battery - there is a whole bunch of other niceties.