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Nokia N96


Although Nokia claims that this phone is designed for photo taking and video recording, however I don't find this phone is a good choice to take photos.

My opinions

1. First, although the N96 is still using the Carl camera with a 5 megapixels resolution, however, it lack of a xenon flash light and some other essential fuctions like the auto focus, white balance. etc. Obviously, the picture quality will not be as good as the competitors of n96, like Cybershot of SE. This phone is really disappointed me as I thought it will be one of the leading photo phones in the world.

2. The another problem that I faced when I use, is the battery problem. The battery runs out so easily, which you need to charge it at least once a day when it is still new. The reason is because of the battery capacity only has 950mAh. This maybe still acceptable for normal users, However, as this phone is claimed to be designed for photo taking, this is really unacceptable.

3.But still, there are still some advantages of the phone. first is the video recording. The quality is relative good to the photo quality. The quality is about the DVD level. Also, the TV-OUt enables you to share your videos with your friends easily when they visit you.4. The another advantage of the phone is the built-in memory. There is a 16 gb mempry inside the phone which is even more than my old PC LOL. So far, this is the only thing that makes me believe this phone is designed for phtos and videos.